Risk management intelligence for human capital

What we do

People are the integral capital asset of any organization – impacting the working culture, client success and overall value of the business.

When something is that important, you need to use fast, objective measurement to make the right decisions at the right time for the right reasons.

MiliMatch™ provides rapid, data-driven intelligence for fast and effective human capital risk management.

What customers say

“Our company needs to grow and grow fast.  The one thing that stands in the way of that growth is our culture. I didn’t know where to start, until I utilized MiliMatch. Now I know where to focus, what to do and if it’s working over time.”


“I feel like I know them before they come through the door. They know I’ve read their answers about relationships and experiences because I’m asking them about this. Making our interviews more personable and insightful.”

Nikki B. – Comforcare


Get the intelligence that ties your culture to business results

Establishing a resilient organizational culture requires ongoing planning and daily reinforcement. MiliMatch™ provides the real-time intelligence you need to help define, build and reinforce culture and then continually measure it’s impact to the business.

Make fast, data-driven talent decisions

Whether it’s assembling the right team for a major transformation, matching carergivers to patients for home recovery or making the right human capital decisions to protect your business in a downturn, MiliMatch™ equips you and your decision makers with the data driven intelligence to make those decisions fast and minimize future risk.

Measure the effectiveness of your HR programs

Diversity doesn’t equal inclusion – you need to measure both. The same applies to any people program that you implement. You need to know that your idea is actually having the impact you intended. MiliMatch™ tracks employee engagement over time so you can demonstrate return on investment for your business and for your people.

Use cases


Build a clear starting point and plan more effectively

Assess M&A cultural fit

Understand M&A alignment to build value faster

DEI program effectiveness

Objectively track program effectiveness

Objective talent planning

Data driven succession and performance management

Carer to patient matching

Ensuring successful patient care through data driven matching