Why Milimatch

MiliMatch offers your organization the only behavioral profile tool that provides immediate insight into a person’s long-term fit into a role, team or culture.   With unique science that derives character strengths from written responses, we can detect a person’s natural attitudes, aptitudes, and interests.

With MiliMatch, you’ll know with certainty which current and potential employees are the best fits for your team, organization, or culture.  

Why we are different

Our MiliMatch score reveals all you need to know about a candidate. The technology is based on an advanced set of proprietary algorithms tweaked for the particular role you’re trying to fill. 

With a short, simple writing sample MiliMatch applies cognitive linguistic algorithms to the text to uncover characteristics and potential behavior other tools and interviews miss. MiliMatch analyzes an applicant’s own self-expression to objectively measure how well their attitude, aptitude and interest suits a specific role over time. 

Unlike personality tests, which provide a static view of a person at one point in time, MiliMatch’s behavioral-based assessments measure an individual’s responses to changing events. 

“I feel like I know them before they come through the door. They know I’ve read their answers about relationships and experiences because I’m asking them about this. Making our interviews more personable and insightful.”

Nikki – Recruiter, Indianapolis

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