Sourcing Caregiver Candidates with Recruiting software

Four Home Care Agencies Solve Expensive "Bad Hire" Problem

Published by HomeCare Tech Report, Jan. 2020

According to a December 31 report penned by New York Times business analyst Nelson D. Schwartz, there were more than 800,000 first-time unemployment claims in the last week of the year. While the average unemployment rate stood at 6.7 percent, it was higher, as high as 7.7 percent, for workers with just a high school diploma, the typical non-medical caregiver applicant.

9 Approaches to Improving Retention

Publushed by HomeCare Magazine, Dec. 2020

Turning clients away, increasing wages, waiting for interview no-shows, training in COVID-19 safety: These are some of the realities of managing a caregiving business today. Without enough workers to meet demand, the industry is facing a major shift in how it must plan and provide services. To stem the bleeding, caregiving agencies have turned away from seeking clients to focus on recruiting and retaining caregivers—and are learning new lessons along the way.


Why You Should Use Technology in Recruiting & Retention

Published by HomeCare Magazine, Oct. 2020

Caregiver turnover presents a constant frustration for caregiving agencies. While down from an all-time high two years ago, the caregiver turnover rate still hovers around 64%, according to Home Care Pulse. Resulting chaos in rescheduling, the cost of recruiting and onboarding and frustrated clients can impede an owner’s plans to launch or expand a caregiving business.

Why You Should Use Technology in Recruiting & Retention

Why You Should Use Technology in Recruiting & Retention

As the caregiving industry continues to grow and competition increases, using the right technologies could present a sizable advantage to savvy homecare agencies, who compete with all others in an area for the top candidates. And while technologies will never replace human caregivers, they can help make the job easier.

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