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Why Milimatch

MiliMatch offers recruiters and schedulers the only assessment tool that provides immediate insight into a candidate’s long-term potential in a role. Provide your agency with an objective, multi-faceted assessment of who to assemble into teams for optimum performance and retention.

With MiliMatch, you’ll know with certainty which candidates and employees are most compatible with a specific client or patient.  


Get to know your recruits and clients by letting them tell their story


Strengthen your agency’s culture and promote caregiver and client satisfaction


Know your client’s needs and align them with your caregiver’s qualities 


Obtain metrics to validate your recruiter and scheduler’s matchmaking

Why we are different

Our MiliMatch score reveals all you need to know about a candidate. The technology is based on an advanced set of proprietary algorithms tweaked for the particular role you’re trying to fill. 

With a short, simple writing sample MiliMatch applies cognitive linguistic algorithms to the text to uncover characteristics and potential behavior other tools and interviews miss. MiliMatch analyzes an applicant’s own self-expression to objectively measure how well their attitude, aptitude and interest suits a specific role over time. 

Unlike personality tests, which provide a static view of a person at one point in time, MiliMatch’s behavioral-based assessments measure an individual’s responses to changing events. 

“I feel like I know them before they come through the door. They know I’ve read their answers about relationships and experiences because I’m asking them about this. Making our interviews more personable and insightful.”

Nikki – Recruiter, Indianapolis

find the right talent through intelligent profiles

Provide an objective view of your client’s needs 

Grow your business instead of maintaining the status quo

Competitive advantage over other home care agencies

Increase new hire retention

Streamline your recruiting and scheduling process

Recruiting and scheduling done right

start hiring better today

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