The most efficient way to hire for retention

Applicant Tracking

With the power of MiliMatch benchmarking, compare new applicants with existing employees to gain consistency in your hiring process. Empower hiring managers with an objective approach to augment gut instincts. 

Caregiver Profile

Unlike personality tests, which provide a static view of a person at one point in time, MiliMatch’s behavioral-based assessments measure an individual’s responses to changing events. Resulting in the fastest way to hire more long-term “A-Players” for a specific role.

Client Profile

Know with certainty which candidates and employees are most compatible with a specific client or patient. The Matching feature of MiliMatch compares the score of candidates to the score of a patient or client to ensure a positive long-term fit.

Manage Your Team

Effortlessly manage users and teams’ permissions without worrying about seat licenses. 

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