A Personalized Hiring Experience

Hiring Process without Milimatch

Time and resources are exhausted due to cyclical recruiting processes and at the expense of agency growth and client care. Identifying the right hire and knowing the applicant’s skills before you meet them greatly improves your chance of retention and client success.

Hiring Process with Milimatch

  MiliMatch breaks the cyclical recruiting process. Knowing your Client’s needs and aligning those needs with your caregivers qualities allows your agency to achieve superior matchmaking decisions, before you even invest the resources for on-boarding.  While giving you the best probability for success and saving your agency time and resources. 


“It’s definitely saving time. It’s helping us know the candidates before the phone screen. Everything’s over the phone, so it’s important to reduce that phone time.”

Kendra- Head Recruiter for ComeForCare – Colorado

“MiliMatch helped us to identify the right Caregivers with the right qualities and skills that fit our company culture which has helped drastically reduce our turnover rate by 30%.”

Mark – Owner for ComeForCare – Oregon


  • Competitive advantage by increasing caregiver and client retention & satisfaction
  • Immediate financial benefits as a result of increased revenues & retention
  • Improved operational standardization through recruiter and scheduler collaberation


  • Free up time to recruit the RIGHT candidates
  • Focus on candidates you are more likely to hire
  • Conduct more successful and meaningful interviews
  • 85% of Milimatch candidates are hired after interviews
  • Lessens the likelihood of a bad hire
  • Know what your scheduler needs before you hire


  • Enhanced ability to make meaningful matches to clients
  • Increased optics into staffing pool
  • Work in collaboration with recruiters
  • Decrease “no shows” with proper caregiver/client matching
  • Increased collaboration with recruiter


Caregiver Profile

The Match

Client Profile


  • Get to know and become a part of the agency’s culture as you apply
  • Company culture validation
  • Free text Question and Answer
  • Increase sense of belonging and value with both clients and agency


  • Personalized client intake process
  • Needs assessment enhances the scheduler’s intuition of the clients needs
  • Relationship building tailored to your client’s specific needs
  • Reinforced sense of trust with agency providers

Behind the tech

Our technology is based on an advanced set of proprietary algorithms designed to determine a person’s EQ (Emotional Quotient), role fit and adaptability to a particular job, LQ (Learning Quotient), the ability to grow and scale within a particular environment, IdQ (Identification Quotient), ability to build an identification for optimal engagement. All of these algorithms are tweaked based on the particular role within the company.


MiliMatch is commited to helping all agencies achieve success by addressing the industries biggest shortfall, retention. 

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The numbers

MiliMatch hires were 125% more likely to stay with the company and dramatically reduced the number of cursory job applicants who are “just looking for a job”.  Automatically filtered out all candidates who did not exhibit a level of interest or persistence to answer the questions. Approximately 3,000 applicants reached non-MiliMatch hires.

1 out of every 3 MiliMatch recommended applicants were hired (industry standard is 1 in 7) and job environment.

Algorithmically filtered out over 90% of candidates that are not a fit either by role or adaptability to the company’s culture.


Satisfied Clients

Caregiver Applicants Reached

Capitalize on Good Applicant Alignment with Client’s Needs

A large In Home Caregiving Agency based out of Michigan asked the MiliMatch team to pilot its flagship application in several agencies who sought a new solution to improve retention and increase the efficiency of the hiring process. The intent of MiliMatch was to give the team insights into candidates to assess the potential of them as caregivers.

Download the case study now to learn how MiliMatch helped these agencies realize the benefits in improving their recruiting efforts by finding better candidates for the job and speeding up the recruiting effort.